1. Organization Chart of SLK Design Limited


We are able to offer the benefit of our expertise at all stages of a project, from the selection of appropriate premises to the co-ordination of the relocation.

Most specifically we are able to offer all or some of the following services, depending upon the client's needs.

3. Pre-Commitment Feasibility Study

An analysis of a client's needs and growth projections, culminating in the selection of premises which are entirely appropriate to an organization's business strategy.

The needs analysis and briefing stage of our service can be the most critical components of our involvement, as the success of the project is ultimately depending on the quality of this information.

This stage should include the followings:

- Determine required floor space
- Prepare outline design brief
- Evaluate alternative premises
- Prepare block and stacking plans
- Prepare outline cost plan and schedule

4. Schematic Design

Preparation of schematic design illustrated by preliminary sketch drawings and/or reports and provision of indicative estimates of costs.

This stage requires a full understanding of the client's needs and meetings are generally held to ensure that, on completion of this stage, the outline design, layout and budget are in accordance with the client's requirement.

This stage should include the followings:

- Survey selected premises
- Prepare preliminary evaluation of client's equipment/ furniture inventory
- Prepare initial space planning (partitioning and furniture) layouts
- Develop preliminary color and materials palettes
- Revise and review preliminary cost plan and schedule

5. Detailed Design Development

Following client approval of the schematic design stage, a proposal is developed in more detail including the selection of fixtures and finishes (furniture, fabrics, colors, specialist joinery, etc.)

This stage includes the co-ordination of services sub-consultants as required (air-conditioning, fire protection, electrical, etc.) and a revised schedule, together with a detailed revised budget, is issued at the completion of this stage.

This stage should include the followings:
- Prepare final partitioning and furniture layouts (space planning)
- Brief and co-ordinate specialist sub-consultants
- Survey existing furniture and select new (where appropriate)
- Select colors and finishes
- Develop custom-built joinery proposals
- Prepare detailed cost plan and schedule

6. Construction Documentation

The preparation of document sufficient for the calling of tenders including as appropriate, the co-ordination and integration of sub-consultant's work. This stage is essentially the preparation of accurate working drawings and documents which trade contractors and suppliers will be contractually committed to comply with once their tender has been accepted and they have been appointed to carry the work

This stage should include the following tasks:-
- Prepare builders drawings/ schedules
- Co-ordinate/ integrate building service (M&E) sub-consultants drawings
- Details joinery items.
- Specify/ Code furniture
- Prepare tender documents and tender list
- Update cost plan and schedule

7. Contract Administration & Management

This stage includes the calling of competitive tenders, placing orders, managing and supervising construction work and installation of furniture, services, fixtures and fittings, receiving and processing claims for payments, and ensuring that the works are completed satisfactorily including the rectification of any defects.

This stage should include the following tasks:-
- Obtain all necessary approvals
- Obtain tenders/quotations and analyze same
- Let contracts/ place orders
- Co-ordinate construction scheduling
- Exercise site quality and cost control
- Chair regular site meetings
- Check and certify claims for progress payments
- Schedule defects at practical completion and co-ordinate rectification

8. Relocation

We take responsibility for a variety of tasks which are often refused by other companies because they dare perceived to be "Too Much Trouble".

Our clients can look forward to finishing work on a Friday evening, and returning to their new office on Monday morning to find everything functioning.

This stage should include the following tasks:-
- Co-ordinate furniture, equipment and office accessory deliveries
- Prepare as-built record drawings
- Prepare project cost final accounts

Our philosophy with regard to services is a flexible, and may be extended to including an involvement with items such as leasing conditions, project financing, communication systems, security systems, computer installations, filing management etc., and a detailed review of a client's needs is necessary to determine the precise scope of the service required.

9. Design and Build

Despite the approach outlined above, we have perceived a recent trend amongst clients commissioning interior fit-outs to opt for a "Design and Build" package of works.

As a flexible and adaptable organization we are therefore also prepared to offer to deliver a defined scheme for an agreed lump sum price if required.

Acceptance of such offer would lead to our appointment as both designer and contractor for the whole of the works, and we would then accept total responsibility for the appointment, scheduling, co-ordination, and payment of all sub-contractors, suppliers and any relevant authorities.

We will be pleased to provide further details of the merits of this and other alternative project procurement strategies if requested.