This document sets out to present an outline of the capabilities and strengths of SLK Design Limited. (立基設計有限公司)

We are fully professional interior design firm as well as a qualified contracting company specializing in the fields of commercial and domestic interior design and facilities planning. We provide a complete design service covering all stages from space planning, project management, detailed drawings and documentation to site construction.

Members of our staff have previously been involved in a wide spectrum of projects from corporate, retail, restaurant, factory and residential designs.

Our current staff include highly qualified designers, trained project coordinators, cost controllers, production and administration team, all having extensive experience in their respective fields.

Through our knowledge of office functioning, experience in space planning, organized project management and understanding of the importance of correct paper-flow, communications, task oriented workstation technology, corporate clients will be able to attain organization growth, increased productivity and a work-inducive office environment.

立基設計有限公司 於一九九九年創立。主要承接各類型的室內設計及裝修工程。本司成立日子雖短,卻充滿年輕人的活力與幹勁。 我們擁有經驗豐富的室內設計師及工程監督,加上自己的工程隊伍使我們不需要外判工程,在竣工日期及成本控制方面更得心應手.

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